Day 115: Fleecy Rice Hand Warmers


Supplies: Fleece fabric, fabric scissors, sewing machine, rice

Time: 10 minutes

It’s getting cold outside my friends!  Since my apartment doesn’t seem to know how to heat very well I’ve been having to blow a hair drier under my blankets before I get in bed and my walks to work in the morning have been quite chilly.  I recently saw this picture on Pinterest and I knew what to make!  Fleecy rice hand warmers!  Really easy fleecy rice hand warmers!

Just grab some fleece fabric, fold it in half, and cut out various shapes.  Pin them together.

Sew up the edges, leaving a small opening.  Then fill the pouch with rice and sew up the remaining edge.

Trim the edges to make the pouches look nice and you’re ready to be warm!

Stick a few pouches in the microwave until they’re warm (careful not to make them too hot!)  Then you can stick them in your pockets, in your gloves, between your blankets, or wherever you want!  I might make some to put in my socks at night so my feet aren’t so cold!

Nice and cozy!

And now for the advent calendar giveaway!  The lucky winner of last week’s advent calendar full of awesome chocolate is random number 15, Lisa F!  It’ll be in the mail tomorrow.

I have a lot of fun projects planned this week so be sure to check in!  Hope everyone’s getting ready for a pleasant Thanksgiving.








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