Day 113: No-Sew Business Card Wallet


Supplies: Fabric, medium width ribbon, ruler, square, scissors (fabric and regular), paper, Wonder Under, iron, ironing board, iron on velcro

Time: 1 hour

Before I started this project I’d planned to sew a new business card wallet for myself.  In fact, when I took the supplies picture above I planned to sew today.  But then I got realistic.  I can sew very simple things and that’s all.  I can sometimes luck into a successful more difficult project, but rarely.  And since I was making up my own pattern for this project I thought it might be best to find a no-sew way to make a business card wallet.  And I did it thank to the amazing substance called Wonder Under!I started by making a paper pattern.  I measured my business cards, added 1/4” to each measurement, and drew a rectangle of those dimensions in the center of a piece of paper.  That’s the back.  Then I drew a second rectangle of the same size directly below the first.  The bottom line of the first rectangle should be the top line of the second rectangle.

Then I made flaps to connect the front and back as well as a flap for the front. I don’t like measuring, but I’m very proud of the measuring I did.  I decided not to include my pattern’s PDF in this post because my business cards are an odd size.  If anyone wants it just shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you!

I pinned the pattern to a double layer of fabric and cut it out.

Paper pattern on the right, cut out fabric on the left.

Then I got ready to fuse the two pieces of fabric together with Wonder Under.  I cut small strips of it and ironed them to the edges of the bottom piece.

Then I fused the two pieces together.  I folded the bottom flap up and ironed the fold.  Then I folded the side flaps over and ironed them down too.  I put small strips of Wonder Under onto the side flaps to attach them to the bottom flap.

Then I was left with a little envelope-looking pouch.  The problem?  Rough edges!  The solution?  Pretty ribbon and more Wonder Under!  I ironed Wonder Under to the back of a bunch of ribbon and fused the ribbon to the edges of the pouch.

Then I was left with a nice little pouch!  All it needed was a closure.  Here’s the back:

And the front (with velcro and a card inside):

And all closed up:

It’s not perfect, but I’m very proud of my first attempt to make a pattern.  And even though I didn’t end up sewing it, I think it’s a good way to practice.  Maybe I’ll be able to make my own sewing pattern by the time my year is up!




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