Day 112: Mod Podge Washer Pendant


Supplies: Large washer, scrapbook paper, pen, scissors, mod podge, foam brush,  ribbon/cord/chain

Time: 15 minutes plus about an hour of drying time

Tuesday is probably my favorite day of the week.  On Tuesdays I only work during the day and I spend part of my evening shopping for craft supplies and groceries.  It’s so relaxing to wander through the craft store, brainstorming and listening to This American Life podcasts (by the way, my goal is to work for them someday).  This week I added an extra stop to my Tuesday shopping trip and popped into the hardware store for one of today’s supplies: a really big washer for an easy washer pendant.Start by placing a large washer onto the back side of a piece of pretty scrapbook paper and tracing around the washer.

Cut out the circle and trim as necessary so that the paper is exactly the size of the washer.  It can even be a hair smaller.

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the slightly rounded side of the washer with a foam brush.

Place the paper circle onto the washer and smooth it out.  Then paint another layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper (smooth it again if you need to) and let it dry.  You might want to add another layer when the first one dries.  It’s a matter of taste, so have fun!

The pendant is done!  Time to make it a necklace.  I used a piece of ribbon for the necklace, but you could use anything from cord to a chain.  If you use ribbon you’ll probably want to melt the ends with a match so they don’t fray.

Then you’ll tie the ribbon onto the pendant as follows.  Fold the ribbon (or cord/chain/whatever) in half.

Stick the folded end of the ribbon through the washer from front to back.

Thread the unfolded ends through the loop end…

and pull the ends to tighten.  And, easy as that, you have a new pendant necklace!

Tie it long or short, knotted or tied in a bow.  A simple pendant with tons of possibilities.

Oh, and it costs about $1 to make.
















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  1. Oh my gosh, I love that so much. For some reason everyone in Chicago thinks I’m kind of a hippie, and it must be because I LOVE things like this!!!

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