Day 111: Pant Leg Protector


Supplies: Fabric (a fat quarter is more than enough), pinking shears, sewing machine, velcro (I used the iron-on kind)

Time: 10 minutes

It was a full day my friends!  After making pizzas during the day I was able to squeeze in a quick craft (that’s actually something I’ve been needing to make) before heading off to see my brother perform in a benefit show.  This post is going up a bit late because the show lasted four and a half hours.  Holy cow!  But now I’m home, sitting with my computer, and feeling anxious to go to sleep.  So here’s a very very simple way to make one of those bands you wrap around your pant leg so it doesn’t get stuck in your bike chain.

Start by spreading out a piece of fabric and folding it in half.  Then measure around your lower calf/ankle area and add 2-3 inches to that measurement.  Cut a strip of fabric to that length.  The width is up to you, but mine was about 4″ wide.  Oh, and if you use pinking shears it’s faster and easier to sew!

At this point you can pin your fabric together, but I didn’t bother.  Sew the two pieces together, wrong sides facing.  I used a little zig-zag stitch.

Place a piece of velcro on the edge of one end of the band and secure it.

Wrap the band around your leg to mark the exact placement of the other side of the velcro.  Then secure the other side of the velcro onto the other side of the band.

And just like that you’re ready to strap down your pant leg and hop on your bike!  I was not wearing jeans while making this project, but here the gist of the project in action.

And that’s it!  But now I need to go to bed!

Good night,









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