Day 110: Paper Pouch Advent Calendar Giveaway!!


Supplies: Various scrapbook papers, scissors, hot glue, sewing machine, pinking sheers, small candies or toys, tiny clothes pins (you could use another display method, but tiny clothes pins are so cute!), twine, and PRIZES!

Time: 1.5 hours

My family’s Christmases were never particularly religious, so advent to me meant my brother got a little chocolate calendar from his French class and we got to eat a piece of chocolate after dinner for awhile.  That chocolate was kind of waxy and not very chocolatey and… well, it was bad.  So when I decided to make an advent calendar to give away I knew I wanted to use good chocolate!  My hometown of Columbia, Mo is a great place because it isn’t huge, but you can still find pretty much anything you need.  One of the great things we’re lucky to have is The Candy Factory, which is quaintly located on this cute corner:

It’s literally the corner candy store!  Anyway, I stopped by The Candy Factory after work today and picked up some delicious handmade chocolate goodies for the advent calendar that I will now show you how to make.  But if you leave a comment you might not have to make your own because you could win this one!  Here we go.

Start by cutting twenty-five 4″ x 4.5″ rectangles from various holiday-themed pieces of scrapbook paper.  The measurements don’t have to be exact, but I found that that was a pretty good size for my project.

Use a little hot glue to make 25 little tubes of paper.

Squeeze one end closed…

and use the large zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine to close up the end.  Then throw a piece of candy into the pouch.

Turn the pouch 90º and squeeze the other end closed.  Sew that in place too.

You should now have a little somewhat triangular pouch with a chocolate inside!  Do those steps over and over until you have 25 little pouches with chocolate in them.  Then trim the edges of the pouches with pinking sheers to add a little finishing touch.

Write a number on each pouch (1-25, of course) and they’re ready to be displayed.  You could do this any way you like, but here’s my method.  I placed two tacks in the wall and stretched a piece of cotton twine from on to the other.  If you do this you don’t want to leave a lot of slack.  Then I pinned the pouches in numerical order across the string with tiny clothes pins, which are ridiculously cute.  And there’s your lovely handmade advent calendar!

Let's pretend that lamp is a fire place.

So if you know a child who would love to get a cute and delicious advent calendar this year just leave a comment on today’s post.  You don’t have to do this, but I suggest you tell us your favorite holiday tradition.  (If you do, I promise to tell you all about the ridiculous places my family has had Christmas dinner!)  I’ll randomly pick a winner on Tuesday so the winner will get their calendar by December 1st.




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  1. I love this! Much better than the cardboard box with crappy chocolate! lol Thanks for the giveaway!! My daughters would love this!!

  2. We don’t have any crazy holiday traditions, I just love going to my grandma’s house and being with everyone. The Christmas spirit is so strong and I just love it!!

  3. This is the best advent calendar idea ever! How about folding the top rather than sewing-then hang up–and reuse the next year. (I figure if I’m going to the trouble of making it- make it last 🙂 My Christmas memory was advent calendars that just had pictures. I know, ancient!

  4. I love the calendar! My favorite tradition is putting of the tree and decorating it, followed by watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The whole family knows all of the words, so it’s hilarious for us to quote the entire movie!

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