Day 109: Lollipop Memory Game


Supplies: Card stock, pencil, something round to trace (2-3” in diameter), scissors, markers, popsicle sticks, hot glue

Time: 1 hour (time will depend on how much time you spend coloring)

If you have kids this is a project you’ll want to try on a rainy weekend!  Memory games are fun, crafts are fun, and coloring is fun.  This project involves all three and it’s perfect for kids since they can make the game and play it when they’re finished!  I originally saw this idea with plain popsicle sticks and a popsicle picture theme.  I got shorter sticks, kind of like the ones they used to have for those tiny ice creams in school lunches (anyone else?), so I decided to make lollipops.  It’s also easier to make lots of circles that are the same than popsicle shapes that are the same.  You can do anything you like with these, but lollipop memory is what I made today.

Start by tracing circles onto white card stock.  I used a spool of ribbon that’s around 2 or 3 inches in diameter.  Each memory card will use two circles and you’ll need two of each design (you’ll draw the designs later) so the pairs can be matched.  I made 14 cards (7 designs, 28 circles).

Go though your pile of card stock and cut out the circles.

At this point you get to color.  And, honestly, who doesn’t love to color.  It’s just so relaxing!  Count out half of the circles and stack them in pairs.  Then color your circles, making two of each design.

Time to glue.  Put a line of hot glue on the top part of a popsicle stick and place a colored circle on it.

Glue all of the colored circles to popsicle sticks.  Try to put the circles in about the same place on the sticks or you might be able to cheat at the game!  Then place a line of glue on the back side of the stick and glue a white circle of card stock to the back.  Add a little glue to the insides of the cards to hold their edges together.

Mix up your new memory cards and lay them out face down.

And here are all the lollipops!

Fun, creativity, and memory building!  Oh, and colorful too!

Have fun,










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