Day 107: Beaded Braided Bracelet


Supplies: Cord (mine was suede- you can use any kind), beads

Time: 15 minutes

Somehow I planned a long project for a Monday which is a double job day, so I had to improvise.  I had this bracelet planned for next week, but I had cord and I had some beads, so I moved it up to today!  It’s very easy!

Start by cutting three long strands of cord and tying a knot about in one end leaving about a 4 inch tail.

Stick the knot part into a drawer or under something heavy so it’ll stay put while you braid.  Then thread a bead onto the middle strand.

Braid the two outer strands around the bead tightly.  Then thread another bead onto the new middle strand and braid again.  Keep going until your bracelet is as long as you want it to be.

I didn’t want the beads to go all the way around, so I braided some of the extra length of cord and tied a knot at the end of that.  Then I flipped it around and did the same on the other end.

Easy!  It’s really obvious, but I had never thought to put beads on a braid!

Easy special bracelet!












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