Day 106: 3D Paper Star


Supplies: Pretty paper (card stock is better), this PDF: 2 star template, printer, X-acto knife or scissors, glue (I used hot glue)

Time: 15 minutes

I have no interest in actually scrapbooking, but I love scrapbook paper. There are just so many beautiful patterns! I want to make clothes out of all the patterns in the paper aisle! Of course, I’d have to learn to make clothes first. Anyway, I have paper left over from the paper daisies a couple days ago, so I thought I’d make a 3D paper star I’ve been wanting to make since May-is

First, cut the paper to 8.5” x 11” if it’s larger than that. Then stick the paper in the printer and print the PDF above onto the white side.

Cut the stars (as evenly as possible) with an X-acto knife or scissors.

Fold one star in half:

And continue to fold it in half at every point.  Repeat with the second star.

You should have creases leading from each point to the middle

and creases from each between-two-points section to the middle.

Go through each between-two-points crease and fold it in the opposite direction.  They should now be valley folds and the point creases should be mountain folds.

Now glue the two stars together.  The tutorial I used just says “glue the two stars together”, but doesn’t really say how, what glue to use, etc.  I tried Elmer’s since I tend to over use hot glue, but that didn’t work at all, so I wound up back at hot glue.  The first couple edges were a bit messy, but I got the hang of it for the last three points.

A little loop of string on top and you’ve got a nice ornament.  Put several across a piece of string and you’ve got a lovely star garland!  You might also be able to make a larger star with cardboard, poke some holes in a pretty pattern on one side, stick a battery-powered small LED through the back of the other side, and you’d have a nice light thing!  I haven’t tried that, but I might do it the next time I finish a box of cereal!






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