Day 105: Ruffle Bracelet Two Ways


Supplies: Fabric ribbon (I used 1” wide ribbon), scissors, straight pins, sewing machine

Time: 15 minutes

I found the most beautiful ribbon!  I feel like every time I browse the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby I find my new favorite ribbon and I absolutely must think of something to make with it.  Well, today that something is a ruffled ribbon bracelet.

Start by pulling out about 5 or 6 inches of ribbon to leave un-ruffled.  Then you’ll start making folds in the ribbon and pinning them down.

I was really excited when I opened this ribbon and found the underside was a lovely green!  It looks great peeking through those ruffles.

Then put the ribbon on the sewing machine and sew a long seam down each edge, leaving about 1/8” on the sides.

Cut the threads and tie your new bracelet around your wrist.  This is the first version: the flat ruffle ribbon.

The next version is just as simple and its ruffles are more puffy.  Pin the ruffles just like before.  Then you’ll sew across the width of each individual ruffle.

Here’s a comparison picture:

And here’s the finished second version:

Now to find more things to make with this ribbon!  I’m thinking something hair related…





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