Day 104: Paper Daisies


Supplies: Scrapbook paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, hot glue

Time: 20 minutes per flower

You know what?  I haven’t made a flower in quite some time!  Good for me!  For awhile there I was making a lot of fabric flowers, but it’s been a whole month.  I just checked and the last flower was October 10th.  (By the way, happy 11/11/11!)  So here’s a simple paper flower I learned how to make here.

Start by measuring an even strip of scrapbook paper.  I used the width of my ruler as a guide.

You’ll need a longer strip of paper the wider the strip is.  It’ll also need to be longer if your accordion folds are larger.  We’ll get to that step in a second here.  The candy cane striped paper made a flower on its own.  The black and white one needed two strips of paper.  On to the next step:

Fold the paper strips into accordions.

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the accordion folded strip, but I think you know what that would look like.  Put a little line of hot glue on one end of the paper and glue the strip into a little circle.  The pattern should be on the inside.  You’ll also want to cut out a little circle from another paper pattern.  Then kind of squash the accordion circle down like this:

Put some hot glue onto the contrasting circle and glue that onto the accordion circle.

You’ll have to hold the center of the accordion circle down until the glue dries as it has a tendency to pop back up.

You could certainly be finished at this point, but the tutorial I used does a little scissor action to make it fancier.  You just cut from the corner of one of the mountain folds (the fold that goes up) to about 1 cm (or less) into the valley fold (the non-mountain folds).

The flower on the right has the triangle cuts and the one on the left does not.  So here’s what I ended up with:

Yay!  Starting a week from this coming Monday I’m going to be doing Ornament Mondays leading up to Christmas.  I’m usually a wait-until-the-last-minute kind of person because I don’t want to get sick of the decorations and whatnot (Hobby Lobby is playing Christmas music already).  But Halloween made me realize that if I wait until the last minute you won’t have time to make the projects you like!  That seems like a non-sequiter, but I bring that up because the little candy cane flower on the right with a string attached would be a great ornament.  So there you go.  After a month, here’s a lovely flower for you.

Happy weekend!











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