Day 103: Felt Appliqué Onesie


Supplies: Baby onesie, felt, Wonder Under (this stuff is awesome), iron, extra fabric

Time: 45 minutes

I’m not hugely fond of babies, but I certainly love to make things for them.  And one of my managers at work is expecting a baby any day now (well his wife is).  Clearly that means I need to make something cute and small and babyish!

I also recently learned about this awesome thing called Wonder Under.  You can find it in the fabric store near interfacing.  It allows you to iron fabrics to each other and it’s perfect for appliques.  So I thought I’d make a onesie with a felt dinosaur on it for the baby.

I started by drawing a dinosaur.

I wanted the front half of the dinosaur on the front of the onesie and the back half on the back of the onesie, so  I cut the dino in half.  Then I followed the instruction on the Wonder Under and ironed its rough side to the felt and traced the dinosaur onto the paper side.

Then I cut out the dinosaur shape.

At this point you peel the paper part off and you’re left with piece of fabric that can be ironed onto another.  I ironed the pieces onto the onesie according to the instructions (meaning with a damp cloth on top of the fabric).

Then I ironed on some little stripes onto the dinosaur’s back and added a face.

And here’s the back.

While my Wonder Under discovery doesn’t make for the most exciting tutorial, I must assure you it’s quite awesome.  I look forward to making some fun felt books soon!  You must go get some of this stuff!



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