Day 102: Felt Bill Organizer


Supplies: 3 sheets felt in different colors, hot glue, fabric scissors, pen

Time: 15 minutes

Today the utility bill came and for the second month in a row I was delighted by the small amount.  I love it when climate control is unnecessary!  I wrote the check and it’s all ready to mail, but I don’t really feel comfortable enough with my apartment building to leave it out on the mailbox for so long.  So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make the felt organizer I’ve been wanting to make.  I started with three colors of felt stacked together and cut into squares.

Then I drew the shape of the top pocket on the top piece of felt and cut it out.  I did the same with the middle piece of felt and then glued the edges in place.

I decided to put paid and ready-to-mail bills in the brown pocket and to-be-paid bills in the blue pocket (in front of the organizer means in the front of my mind).  And in case I might forget I cut and glued felt letters to the pockets.

I thought it would be best to hang my new organizer by the front door so I don’t forget to put the bills in the mail.  I cut a little strip of felt and glued it to the back of the organizer.

I popped a nail in the wall by the door and put my new organizer up!

I’m surprisingly excited to put the utility bill in the mail tomorrow.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s so low.  Good old fall weather!

Have fun getting organized!



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