Day 100!: Paper Cup Party Lights


Supplies: LED Christmas light strand, small paper cups, X-acto knife


Time: 20 minutes (probably less)

It’s day 100! When I was in elementary school we always celebrated the 100th day of school by bringing a collection of 100 things to school and we would do little activities with them. My most vivid memory of the 100th day of school is from second grade. I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and was determined to take 100 Pooh things to school that day. Well, I had a lot of Pooh things, but I didn’t have 100. Being a stressed out perfectionist at a young age I was very upset and ended up being a little late to school that day (I was very upset about that too- probably cried). As a result, I was the 100th person to enter the classroom and I won a poster!

Well today my 100th day of blogging collection will be lightbulbs. Tiny lightbulbs and only 50 of them, but we’re going to pretend it’s 100. It seemed only appropriate to whip out a party light idea for day 100. This is a really easy, but nice looking project.

Start by counting out enough paper cups to cover each lightbulb on the strand. You want those little cups that they make for the bathroom. They even have dispensers for them. You know the kind? You also want to be sure you’re using LED lights because they don’t get hot, which is important when they’re near paper.

Then use an X-acto knife to cut an X into the bottom of each cup.



Poke one lightbulb through the hole in each cup. Make sure the whole bulb is inside the cup, including the plastic base. It’ll be like a little lamp shade for a little bulb.



When you finish putting cups on bulbs you’ll have a strand of mini lamp shades!


Then you’re ready to hang the lights. I put them across the top of the wall at the head of my bed.


The cups diffuse the light and provide a little color. They look nice in the dark of course, but they also look pretty in the light.


So day 100 has passed. It’s been very fun and I greatly appreciate all your support. Here’s to the next 100!




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