Day 99: Planner Clip Board


Supplies: Cardboard, fabric, mod podge (or spray adhesive or regular glue), foam brush, hot glue, clothes pin, paint/sharpies/decorative paper (for clothes pins)

Time: 40 minutes or less depending on how you decorate the clothespins

When discussing this blogging project people sometimes ask me if I actually make each project the day I blog about it.  Well the answer is usually yes and that is thanks to lots of planning ahead.  I only work my daytime job on Tuesdays, so my blogging week (in my mind) starts on Tuesday.  I bookmark, brainstorm, and jot down craft ideas pretty much constantly.  Then I go through my lists and chose 7 crafts to make that week (more or less time consuming depending on my work schedule that day of the week) and make a shopping list.  I do my shopping on Tuesday afternoons and then I’m prepared for the rest of the week.  That long explanation leads me to today’s craft.  I’ve only had this nice week long planning routine for about a month and it’s working really well.  I’d like to make it a little more crafty, so today I decided to make a nice organizer for my weekly craft plans and supplies list. 

I had a long piece of cardboard from the middle of a bolt of fabric.  That was the perfect size, so I didn’t even have to cut it!  I covered the cardboard in fabric by brushing a thin layer of mod podge onto the cardboard and spreading the fabric smoothly over it.

I trimmed the edges of the fabric and let the mod podge dry a bit.

Then I used a glue gun to attach the edges of the fabric to the back of the cardboard.

Then I moved on to the clothes pins.  I colored each clothes pin with sharpies (you can decorate them any way you like) and then wrote the a day of the week on each clothes pin.  I decided to add an eighth pin to hold the shopping list.  I thought I had a picture of the clothes pins, but as I imported the pictures I realized I didn’t take one!  You can imagine what a decorated clothes pin looks like though.

I glued the clothes pins onto the bottom edge of the cardboard (the list pin went on the side).  Then I cut letters from a piece of felt and glued them to the top of the board.

I nailed the planning board to my “hallway” wall (I say “hallway” because it’s about three feet long).

As I was making this I started thinking about what to write the weekly crafts on and I landed on chalkboard paint!  I happen to know how to make chalkboard paint from any paint, so stay tuned for that tutorial later this week!

This could be a great way to organize weekly meal plans, chore lists for kids, and tons of other things you need to keep track of.  Good old clothes pins.  They’re just so versatile!  Organizing can be so pretty!


Ps- I’m going to try out the “more” button this week.  When you go to the home page of the blog it’ll show you the supplies/picture, time, and the first paragraph.  Then there will be a “more” button.  I’m hoping this will help me see what posts people are reading most, which will then help me chose future projects.  Let me know what you think!  Thanks!





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