Day 95: Threaded Hair Combs


Supplies: Hair combs, embroidery thread, needle, scissors

Time: 15 minutes

Giveaway time!  It’s been awhile.  When I saw a picture of an embroidery thread embellished hair comb (I can’t find the link) I knew I wanted to make some.  Unfortunately for me, those combs refuse to stay in my hair.  Lucky for you, that means I’m giving them away!  Just leave a comment on this post and you might get some cute combs.

Here’s how they’re made:

Start by wrapping one color of embroidery thread around the horizontal part of the comb with the thread between two tines.  Wrap the thread around the leading end so you won’t need glue (you can use glue if you want to though).  Keep wrapping so you have a little triangular section of thread.  You can continue across the whole comb with one color or you can make a pattern.

When you get to the end of the comb or your pattern cut the thread, leaving a 5-6” tail.

Thread the tail onto a needle and pull the whole tail through the bottom of the triangle (on the under side!).

Then go back through to make a loop around the whole triangle and tie it off in a little knot.

Trim the end of the tail and any extra thread at the beginning of the comb.  Then go back with your second color if you’re using one.

And then the third (again, if you’re using one).  Tie off all the colors the same way.  Here’s what it looks like in my hair (if only it would stay).

So there you go!  If you like these combs leave a comment and they might be yours!  Also, I want to apologize for the crummy pictures today.  I was hoping to craft on my couch while enjoying a lovely hot apple cider, but it turns out the lighting near my couch is awful.  I’ll try to fix that soon!




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  1. Neat idea! The combs will stay in when you have your hair up in a ponytail or a French twist and you insert them in the same direction you’ve done here, but it holds the upwards swept hair in place. They never failed for me back when I was young and had long (though thin) hair.
    I’m going to show my granddaughters your project…they’ll love it!

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