Day 93: Halloween Clothes Pin People


Supplies: Clothes pins, hot glue, felt, google eyes, string, fabric, etc

Time: 5 minutes or more

Happy Halloween!  Today I hoped to do a cool pumpkin carving, but a couple things prevented that.  1) my car was being repaired and walking or riding home with a pumpkin sounds less than fun and 2) working in a food establishment + frequent handwashing + chilly weather = raw hands and raw hands + pumpkin guts = ouch!  I still wanted to make something Halloween-themed, so I decided to make little clothes pin figures.  This is the kind of project that would be really fun to do with kids.  There’s not really a wrong way to do it.  Just be creative!  There wasn’t really a good way to do step-by-step pictures, so I’ll just show you the figures I made and give a brief explanation of each.  Here we go.

The Mummy

Glue eyes to the clothes pin.  I put them on the end that you squeeze together so they can be clipped onto something.  Then tear a long strip of white fabric.  Tearing is better for this than just cutting because the edges will be frayed and look more mummyish.  Make sure the bottom is a bit loose so you can still clip the pin on something.

The Witch

For this one I colored the clothes pin green before I glued the eyes.  Then a wrapped in in purple felt, added a cape, and glued a little felt witch hat to the top.  I added an evil grin for good measure.

Cyclops Alien Thing

For this one I glued a giant eye to the top of the pin and attached two little strips of felt to the eye.  Then I wrapped the bottom in green felt.

The Ghost

Cover the clothes pin with a little piece of white fabric and secure it with a piece of embroidery floss.  Glue the google eyes on and add a little ghost mouth with a permanent marker.

And there’s the Halloween gang!  Too bad  I don’t know any kids to make these with!  If you have or know kids you should make these with them.  You could make them for any holiday or even just make clothes pin dolls.  Fun, creative and cheap!

Have fun,



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