Day 92: Printed Tea Towels


Supplies: Plain tea towels, freezer paper, X-acto knife, iron, fabric paint/ink

Time: 45 minutes-1 hour (including drying time!)

I’ll tell you what.  I love tea towels!  I don’t know why anyone would use any other kind of towel to dry dishes.  Tea towels are so absorbent!  And while they’re usually pretty plain they have a lot of potential for decoration.  Today was the final full filming day for my friend Sydney’s film and it took place at my apartment.  Since all my supplies were right there I decided to decorate a tea towel using the freezer paper printing method in between takes.

I started by drawing four little hearts (I actually drew 5, but left one out).  I wanted the design to be just the outlines of the hearts, so I cut and removed the marker lines.

Then I ironed the large outer piece and the insides of the hearts onto the corner of the towel.

I used a foam brush to dab on my nice gold fabric ink.

After drying for a little while (not too long since there’s not a whole lot of ink on my design) I peeled off the outer piece of freezer paper.

And then the insides of the hearts.

I was left with a nice little decorated tea towel.  Don’t forget to read the instructions on the paint or ink you use.  Most of them require you to iron the ink in some way to make it permanent.  Don’t skip this step or the ink could wash off!  Oh no!  Also, I apologize for the stained towel.  It was the only one that wasn’t in the laundry!

And here’s another set picture for you.

That’s our grip, cinematographer, and actor.  They did a lovely job!  Almost done with film #1!  The next one belongs to my dear friend Megan who just got her appendix removed on Wednesday.  Everyone send her happy thoughts!

Take care,



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