Day 90: Twine Candle Holder


Supplies: Glass candle holder, twine, hot glue, candle

Time: 10 minutes

Today when I got home from work I realized I didn’t know what I was going to make! But I thought back and remembered my extra candle holder from earlier this week and decided to use it. I wanted it to be in a style similar to the twig candle holder, so I used the twine from that day as well.

I started by gluing the end of the twine to a spot near the middle of the holder.

Then I wrapped twine all around the middle section on the glass. I finished it off with a little decorative crisscross wrapping.

I added a little braided decoration like I did on the twig candle holder. I braided three long strands of twine and wrapped the braid around the candle holder. This time I tied the ends into a lovely bow.

And that’s it! It’s simple, but cozy, which is really what candles are about right?

It’s getting chillier in Missouri (my favorite weather) and I’m ready to bundle on the couch with some nice pretty candles pretending to be a fireplace!

Stay cozy!


Ps- To all my Missouri readers: Yay Cardinals!


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