Day 88: Earring Display Tags


Supplies: Hanging paper shipping or price tags, sharpies/pens/markers, straight pin, larger pin or needle, earrings

Time: 5 minutes per tag

Today I’d planned to make this air drying clay that’s supposed to look kind of like porcelain. Well, I made it and when I got to the end of the recipe I finally read the little sentence that said to let it set up for 24 hours. So tomorrow you’ll get the clay tutorial. As a backup for today I thought I’d show you something I’m working on for my personal Etsy shop. I’ve been making a bunch of earrings , which I showed you at the end of yesterday’s post, and I needed a way to package them. I really like the look of those shipping tags with the holes and the red circles. Today I went to Office Depot and found a box of 500 tags! I wrote my shop name on the top with a fine point sharpie.

I put my Etsy shop address at the bottom so people know where to find me.

I thought it would be kind of fun to stack the earrings vertically, so I made two dots where I wanted the earrings to go and poked through each dot with a straight pin.

I wanted to make the holes a bit bigger for the earrings. I’d usually use an embroidery needle, but I didn’t happen to have one on me. So I used an old diaper safety pin. Isn’t it cute with the little duck head?

Then I put my earrings through the holes and that’s it! I was so excited about how nice these look! Better than I expected! Hope you like it. I’ll be back with something made of clay tomorrow!




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