Day 85: Tiny Zine


Supplies: Printer paper, scissors, pens/markers/pencils

Time: 5 minutes to fold, decoration is up to you!

I have my crafts planned for the next two weeks, but for some reason I couldn’t figure out what to make today!  I searched and brainstormed, but I didn’t decide what to make until late last night at the film shoot.  Something made me think of the tiny zines that I learned how to make last year.  It’s simple, totally customizable, and you probably have all the supplies on hand already.

Start with a plain piece of white paper and fold in half hamburger style (isn’t it funny how everyone seems to know about hot dog and hamburger folds?)


Fold each end in toward the crease to get your paper looking like this:

Then fold the paper hot dog style.

Fold the paper back into the hamburger fold and cut down the middle.  The cut should only go halfway down the center crease (only the first section).

Then fold the paper back along the hot dog fold and press the ends in.  It’ll start looking like this:

Press the ends all the way together so you get an X and fold the four parts of the X into a little book.  This part is hard to explain, but I think it’ll make perfect sense when you’re actually doing it.

The great thing about these zines is that all the parts that show are on one side of the page.  That way you can make photo copies of your unfolded zine and make tons of copies!  If you number your pages (see above) and unfold the zine you’ll see how the pages work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not good at drawing, so I decided to make a little recipe book.  I wrote out the recipes and made it look nice…

then folded my little zine into a recipe book!

And here’s a lovely gift for you!  I scanned the zine so you can print it out and enjoy three wonderful recipes.  Banana muffins and chocolate sauce from friends of my mom and broccoli-quinoa casserole (so good!) that I found on Pinterest.

Save the image, print it out, and fold it into a recipe zine!


Let me know if you have any troubles with the document.  And let me know if you try any of the recipes!














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  1. What a great idea! This would be a wonderful way to make a gift for someone, such as a special little book for a child or a collection of photographs printed before the folding started or some sketches of a special person or place.
    You’ve got some fantastic posts.

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