Day 84: Embroidered Shoes


Supplies: Plain canvas shoes, embroidery floss, embroidery needle

Time: 45 minutes (more or less depending on the design)

I’ve mentioned this before.  I have a hard time getting rid of things.  I’m bad about clothes, but I think I’m worse with shoes.  I will wear a pair of shoes until they literally fall apart.  I have a pair of shoes now that just started tearing on the bottom.  I was disappointed and surprised they fell apart so quickly, but then I realized I’ve had those shoes for over four years.  I guess it might be time for them to retire 😦

When I saw a picture of embroidered shoes on Craftgawker recently I decided I could finally convince myself to get some new shoes.  A cheapish pair of canvas shoes and a bit of crafting and I’m ready to trade in my old shoes for a new pair!

I grabbed my new blue shoes (laces removed so they don’t get in the way) and embroidery stuff and got to work.

I was going to use my new embroidery pen, a pen that washes off with a damp cloth, but it didn’t show up on the dark shoes.  I decided to just freehand it, which worked nicely.  I also found that as I got closer to the front of the shoe it got harder to get the needle through.  I couldn’t find my thimble, so I made one!  A small square of felt folded in half twice.  Not ideal, but it certainly prevents finger pain.

I worked on one shoe’s design- a little leafy/swirly thing- first.  I really like how it turned out!

I was going to embroidery just one shoe, but I decided to add a little something to the other one.  Just some french knots in a swirly line so the left shoes won’t feel left out.

And, voila!  New shoes!

Last weekend was a full weekend of filming.  This week we’re back on set, but not until the afternoon today (sleeping in!).  I look forward to wearing these today.  They’re the perfect flimsy kind of shoes to wear when you need to wear shoes (gotta wear them on set!) but don’t want to have bulky ones in the way!

Back tomorrow with more crafts!











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