Day 83: Spruced Up Hair Clip


Supplies: Hair clips, embroidery floss, hot glue, scissors

Time: 30 minutes

Can you believe it?  It’s been over a week since I last made a wearable craft!  I think that’s a record for me.  But we’re back.  It was a crazy day at work, so I really wanted to make something quick, easy, and mindless.  I knew I wanted to make these as soon as I saw them here.  It’s always nice to have a slightly special something for your hair.  Just a simple pulled back bang can look unique!

Start by cutting a long piece of embroidery floss.  The tutorial linked above says it should be 3 feet, but I used about 2.  Better safe than sorry though!

Then glue one end to the top of the big end of the clip.

Open the clip and start wrapping.  Go up one side and back down the other and then glue the other end of the thread where you glued the first end.

Then make some kind of decorative piece.  You can really add anything you want, but I wanted to do like the original tutorial and use a bit of bunched thread.  It’s kind of tricky and I’m not quite sure how they made their’s look so perfect, but I’m please with what I got.  I just doubled the thread and tied several loose knots.  Glue your decoration on top of the glued ends.

As soon as the glue dries you’re ready to rock your new snazzy hair clip!  I think it could look really cute with a small felt flower.  Perhaps this one from day 44. (I can’t believe that was over a month ago!)

And here it is in my hair!  Thanks to my lovely mom for taking that picture.  That’s much easier than taking it myself!

Happy Friday!









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