Day 82: Make Your Own Buttons


Supplies: Polymer clay (I used Sculpey), old buttons, something wide and flat (I used the bottom of a plate), toothpick or paper clip, oven

Time: a few minutes per button plus 15-20 minutes to bake them (that’s what my Sculpey says, but different brands might have different baking times)

Homemade buttons?  How cool!  When I saw the picture from this post on Craftgawker I couldn’t imagine how they made their own buttons.  Turns out it’s just polymer clay and it’s pretty simple.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed by the things you can make yourself.

Get some Sculpey in the color you want for your button (or you could swirl colors!) and break off a small piece.  Work it between your hands until it gets soft and moldable.  Then roll the clay into a ball in your palms.

Place the ball on a flat surface and flatten it with the bottom of a plate or another flat, smooth surface.  The flattened disc should be about 1/4” thick.  Or less.  It’s up to you!

The disc should also be the size of the button you’re going to use for a stamp.  I had to tear off pieces of clay and re-roll and flatten the clay a few times before the size was right.  Eventually I got it right and I placed a button on top.

The button in that picture isn’t ideal since it doesn’t have holes, but it does have a cool design.  Press the button down firmly, but don’t squash it.  You just want to leave an imprint of the original button.  Gently pull the clay from the button and you’ll have a clay version of the button!

If the original button has holes you’ll know exactly where to punch the holes.  If not, you get to put them wherever you want!

Bake the buttons according to the directions (15 minutes per 1/4” of clay for mine), let them cool, and sew them to things!  You really can make anything at home.  Amazing!



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