Day 80: Melted Crayon Art


Supplies: Canvas, crayons (enough to fill the top of the canvas), hot glue, hair dryer

Time: 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the canvas

Several weeks ago I saw the first of many many pictures of the latest craze: melted crayon art.  It’s really simple, but so surprisingly beautiful!  Here are a few examples.  I think it’s about time I try my own.

The first step is actually optional.  You can leave the crayons in their wrappers or you can peel the paper off.  I bought two brands of crayons, so I peeled the paper off.

The next step is to glue the crayons, vertically, along the top of the canvas with hot glue.  If you leave the papers on you can put the glue directly onto the crayon.  But if you decide to peel the paper you’ll want to put the glue on the canvas.  Since the crayons are wax and the glue comes out of a hot piece of metal… well you can see the problem.


Then stand the canvas up and aim a hair dryer set on low speed at the crayons.  Start at one end and keep the dryer there until the crayons start to drip.

Then continue slowly across the canvas.  Oh, don’t forget to protect the floor!  Splattering will probably happen.

Keep melting the crayons until you’re happy with the way the piece looks.  It’ll take a little trial and error, but I think this beautiful idea is worth it.

It’s always fun to find a new way to play with an old toy.  You should seriously try this.  Have fun melting!





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  1. I remember doing this at some random person’s house in junior high…except we melted the crayon while it was still in the paper and then flicked it so that the color splattered in cool designs. I also think I might have burned my fingers doing it this way, and this design seems much safer! Such a fun project.

  2. This idea blew me away. I love it and it is sooo contemporary. I think I will try it with my kids, then put them in frames and post them up in my home 🙂

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