Day 79: Felt Heart Bookmark


Supplies: Felt, scissors, embroidery floss, needle

Time: 10 minutes

I’m not much of a reader. Despite my literacy teacher mother’s best efforts I just don’t read a lot. I think it’s because it’s hard for me to not do things with my hands for that long. It just doesn’t relax me. But my mom is a huge reader. When I saw a picture of a heart-shaped corner bookmark on a Pinterest post I thought it would be a great thing to make for her! It’s a really pretty bookmark and it’s very easy.

Start by drawing two sets of two lines at 90 degree angles. The lines should be about 1.5-2 inches long. Turn one corner into a triangle and turn the other into a heart.

Cut out the two shapes.


Place the triangle on top of the heart with the 90 degree corners lined up. The stitch around the edge of the heart, attaching the triangle as you go along those edges.


You should be left with a cute little heart that has a pocket at the bottom. I wasn’t familiar with the corner bookmark before last night, but I love the idea. You just slip the pocket over the corner of your page (or small stack of pages) with the heart side on the page you’re marking.

Pocket side.

Heart side.

Bookmark in action.




Isn’t that nice? It’s much cuter than the Kleenex I usually use as a bookmark when I do read. Maybe I’ll read a book soon and make a special bookmark. But for the time being I’ll stick to enriching my mind with radio and documentaries (and Frasier? Does that count?). At least I can craft while doing that!



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