Day 78: Sea Glass Mosaic


Supplies: Blank canvas, various colors of sea glass, hot glue

Time: 30 minutes (or less!)

Today was our last filming day for this week.  The scene we shot took place in the main character’s bedroom and today’s craft is a nice little piece of decor for her bookshelf.  I wanted to make a main feature in one color that would be surrounded by a mix of colored sea glass, so I started by attaching blue sea glass in a curvy path on the canvas with hot glue.

I forgot to take the picture first! You can still see that I did the blue first, right?

My friend Courtney separated the glass pieces by color for me.  You can see her on the left side of that last picture.  I used alternating colors of larger glass to fill in the rest of the canvas.  Then I glued smaller pieces of glass into the tiny holes in the piece.  When it was done it was quite heavy, but it sat really nicely on the shelf!

I chose to glue glass to the edge of the canvas, but that’s a personal preference.  Here’s the mosaic on set.

And here it is with Kelsey the slate girl.

Scene 2F take 2!

We’ll be doing a bit more filming next weekend, but I’ll be back to regular projects for the rest of the week!  Time to get some much needed sleep!



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