Day 77: Ghost Lantern


Supplies: Glass jar, painter’s tape, sharpie, X-acto knife, paint, foam brush, tea candle, match

Time: 20-30 minutes to make, overnight for paint to dry

Today was a full day of filming.  It was a good day, but 13 hours on set will wear you out in a hurry!  I thought about projects all day, but didn’t decide what to make today until we were packing up the equipment.  I noticed a mostly empty mason jar on the counter and decided to dump out the little bit of kaleidoscope rice left in the jar make a Halloween decoration.  So today it’ll be a cute little ghost lantern.

I started by covering the jar with strips of painter’s tape in places I wanted light to shine through.

Then I drew my designs on the tape.  I drew a large ghost, a few little ghosts, and the word “boo” on my jar, one on each side.

I used my X-acto knife to cut around the lines I’d drawn and peeled away the excess tape.

When everything was cut out I painted the whole jar white.  If you have spray paint you should probably use that.  It’ll be a lot faster, but using a paint brush works too.  Apparently I forgot to take a picture of that, but you can probably imagine a white jar.  When the paint dries completely, peel the remaining tape off.  I didn’t have time to let it dry all the way, so I cheated and cut through the tacky paint with the X-acto knife before removing the tape.

Then all you have to do is light a tea candle and plop it in the jar!  Turn off the lights and you have a nice little lantern.

Big ghost

Little ghosts


It’s like carving a pumpkin that will never rot!  I didn’t have orange paint or I definitely would have made a pumpkin too.  You could even make several of these for every holiday!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a set decoration project!  For now, though, I have to say good night.  Time to get some sleep!


Ps- I’m about to list a few things on the Etsy site.  You can check it out here.



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