Day 76: Felted Acorns


Supplies: Felted beads (the tutorial from day 14 is here), acorn tops, hot glue (optional: string, push pins)

Time: 15 minutes to make several, 24 hours to dry beads

I warned you!  The posts will be very simple this weekend!  We had a very successful day of filming outside on a gorgeous fall day, but there’s a lot to get done for filming in my apartment tomorrow, so it’s a very simple project.  But it’s something I’ve been wanting to make since the first time I saw it.  I grabbed the tops of some acorns and got ready to make a nice little bowl of colorful acorns!

Just make the beads according to this tutorial from day 14.

Then cover the inside of an acorn top with hot glue…

and stick a bead inside.  And that’s pretty much it!

Just keep gluing and beading.

And I couldn’t leave you with just that little tutorial, so I decided to figure out a cool way to display them.  I cut string in various lengths and glued one end of each string to the very top of each acorn.

Then I glued the other ends of the strings to the insides of the push pins.

Arrange them in an alternating order so the lengths are mixed up…

And pinned them to the top of my window!  Now when people walk by my apartment they’ll see a little something special!

Sorry about the short post today, but it’ll pick up again in a couple days!  To make up for it, here’s a picture of a fairy hanging out on set.  Doesn’t she look awesome?  My friend Megan did the costumes and makeup!




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