Day 75: 3D Tube Drawing


Supplies: Paper, sharpie, colored pencils (optional), hands

*No supply picture today :(*

Time: 30 minutes (might be more or less depending on the size of your paper)

Sometimes I think I like origami and then I try something slightly complicated and I remember that I hate it.  I don’t have the kind of mind that can follow diagrams and instructions like that.  Or at least it doesn’t like to.  Today I was so excited about making this origami microwave popcorn bag, but when I tried I was reminded that I am not good at origami.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to make instead, but then I realized that a personal project I had planned for tonight would be a good tutorial!  It’s a drawing project, which is something else I’m pretty bad at.  But this drawing project is different.  I learned about this one in elementary school and it’s really easy, but looks really cool.  And all you need is a piece of white paper and a sharpie.

I’m working on this as a design for a throw pillow, so I cut my paper into a square, but you can use any size paper you have.  Start by drawing humps across the bottom of you page.  Their lengths should be varied.

Then you’ll draw curves above each of those lines over and over like this:

Just start at one end of a hump and draw a curve over the top to the other edge.  You just have to make sure the lines connect.  This is what gives the illusion of depth.  The great thing about this project is that you don’t have to be good at drawing at all.  In fact, if your lines are too perfect, even, and identical it won’t work as well.  In the picture above you can see the I squashed some lines together a little in the third “tube” from the right.  All that does is make it look like that “tube” is curving a little.  The smaller tubes will eventually get eaten up as you can see in the second tube from the left.  Just let the tubes do their thing.

At some point you might want to make a larger tube split into two or more.  All you have to do for that effect is make two humps (or three, four, etc) where there was just one (like the picture above).

Just keep drawing until you reach the top of the page.  Fill every bit of free white space with curved lines, even if they’re partial lines.  You should get something to the tune of this:

But your design could be anything!

I wanted to add a few pops of color to mine, so I colored in a few of the spaces with colored pencils.  At some point I’m going to try coloring all of the white space, but I really like how the selective coloring looks!

I just love this project so much because it’s so mindless and easy, but the end result still looks awesome!  And on a side note, don’t do this project in a small, unventilated place.  Sharpies smell!

Now just a heads up for the weekend.  Starting tomorrow, I’m assistant directing my friend Sydney’s senior film, so the posts will be pretty simple and might be a little late (like this one).  Sunday’s project is going to be a prop for the film (set pictures will be included!).

Back tomorrow night!



















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  1. Alie, my son and I just tried this project. Thank you for a great idea that can easily be done with children. We had fun, and they look really cool! -kristin nies

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