Day 71: Ridiculously Easy Yarn Dispenser


Supplies: Mason jar (big enough to fit the yarn you’re using), large nail, hammer, yarn

Time: 1 minute (seriously)

When I moved into my apartment I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to decorate it.  It’s a mixture of old wood and calming colors that looks kind of vintage, kind of rustic, and a little bit modern.  One of the things I knew I wanted to eliminate was plastic.  Besides the ecological problems with lots of plastics, it just doesn’t look that nice.  It definitely doesn’t go with my decor plan.  I carried that concept to the kitchen where I have mason jars instead of tupperware.  I actually really love having the jars.  They’re the perfect size for a single serving of soup or casserole.  I have a ton of them now- more than I need.  Something I do need, however, is a nice yarn dispenser.

Anyone who knits or crochets knows how annoying it is to be working on a project and have their ball or skein of yarn roll all the way across the room.  You can’t pull it back by the tail of the yarn because it will just unravel even more.  If  you also have a cat, you know that it’s a real pain to get the yarn back together.

So what to do with an abundance of mason jars and runaway yarn?  Make a mason jar yarn dispenser of course!

This is so easy to do that I have to apologize for the small number of pictures today.  Just place the nail on the lid of the jar kind of near the edge and hit it with a hammer.  I thought it would take a little effort to get the nail through the lid, but it went through on the first strike.

Then you can widen the hole by sticking something larger than the nail in the hole and twisting it around.  The lid is pretty flimsy, so it should open up very easily.

Then all you have to do is plop your yarn into the jar…

and thread the yarn out through the hole and screw on the lid.

Now you can put your yarn jar on the floor next to you and not worry about it running away!  And like the title of this post says, it’s ridiculously easy.  A nice simple post for a pleasant Sunday.




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