Day 69: Wrist Fanny Pack


Supplies: 7″ zipper, matching ribbon that’s about the same width as the zipper, sewing machine or needle and thread, scissors, snaps/snap pliers or velcro (iron on or sew on)

Time: 15 minutes

It’s happened again.  I’m writing a late-night, technically-not-the-day-it’s-supposed-to-be (though I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so it counts) post.  Why?   I had a date with my friends at the corn maze!  This year’s corn maze involved eight checkpoints, each with a trivia question.  There was a letter associated with each answer and once you found the checkpoint you’d punch the right answer with a special hole punch.  Well, we were kind of awesome at it and we found ALL EIGHT checkpoints!  We got to put our punch cards in a bucket and now we have the chance to win a grill.  Keep your fingers crossed… (If we win we’re totally selling it- we don’t grill.)

So today’s craft was actually made at about 2:00am, but it’s worth it.  Remember fanny packs?  Well this is a fanny pack for your wrist!  It’s a wristy pack!  And it’s really easy to make.

Start by cutting a piece of ribbon to match the length of your zipper (should be 7”).

My childhood fanny pack was hot pink and blue, so this kind of references that.

Then you’ll line up the ribbon and the zipper with wrong sides facing.  Thread your machine or your needle with a matching thread and sew up the sides and ends.  The zipper will go on top when you’re wearing your wrist fanny pack, so if the ribbon color doesn’t match the zipper color you want the thread to match the zipper.

After the stitching, it’s time for the snaps or velcro.  I prepped my snap pliers…

and pressed a couple snaps in the bracelet.  You could also use velcro, which is obviously cheaper if you don’t plan on doing a lot of snapping.  If you do use velcro, make sure it’s iron on or sew on so it stays put!

Owl eyes

Now put on your new bracelet…

and hide all of your small treasures inside!  I’m hiding my eyelet pieces.  They’re in very high demand you know 🙂  This would be a great way to carry a little cash at a concert or something.  It would have been a great way to carry my car key at the corn maze tonight since I wore a dress with no pockets.  Luckily, Sydney wore jeans and she carried my key.

I hope you enjoy this little throwback to the fanny pack days, which actually seem to be back in.  Happy weekend!



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  1. I always drive past the corn maze on my way to/from Chicago, but I have never driven past it when it is actually open. Oh The Corn Maze, how I miss thee!

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