Day 68: Fabric Button Earrings


Supplies: Fabric of any kind, button blanks (you can get these at fabric stores), fabric scissors, wire cutters, earring posts, epoxy, q-tip cut in half

Time: 15 minutes

Remember the button earrings I made way back on day 4?  Well since then I’ve purchased and learned how to use button blanks!  Now my button earrings are even sleeker and cuter!  Oh, and easier to make.  Here’s how these fabric buttons work.

This is going to be a little tricky to explain since I don’t know what to call the parts, but here’s my attempt.  The button blank comes with 4 things: the top curved part of the button, the bottom part with a wire shank, a rubber cylinder thing, and a (in my case, blue) plastic thimble-looking thing you’ll use to press the button parts together.

You’ll start by cutting two circles out of fabric that are about 1/3” bigger in diameter than the top of the button.

Place one circle upside down on the open end of the rubber cylinder.

Place the button top (concavely) on the fabric and press the fabric and button top into the cylinder.

Next you’ll want to use wire cutters to remove the metal shank from the back piece of the button.  I forgot to take a picture of this step.  Oh no!  But after you remove the shank you’ll place the back side of the button on top of the top and fabric (pictured above).  Use the little plastic thing to press the back down into the top part.

Once it’s pressed down it should look like this:

Pop the newly formed button out of the rubber cylinder and repeat for the second earring.  Button part done!

Now it’s time to add posts to the backs of the buttons.  I used some quick-set epoxy to attach the posts.  I mixed up the epoxy…

globbed a little onto the back of each post, and stuck them to the back.

After a little drying time (the epoxy doesn’t take too long, but it stinks!) I had two new pairs of button earrings!  These will be headed for the Etsy shop this weekend!  Though I actually love these…  Maybe I’ll have to make another pair for myself!



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