Day 67: Yarn-Wrapped Frame


Supplies: Frame of any kind, yarn, hot glue, pen, buttons

Time: 1 hour (more or less time depending on the size of the frame)

It’s time for another autumn decoration project!  I’ve seen yarn-wrapped frames all over the internet lately, so I decided to use some vibrant gold yarn to make a nice little fall frame.  It’s a nice, relaxing project because you can do it while sitting on the couch and watching TV (I Love Lucy for me).

Start by gluing the end of the yarn to the back of the frame and start wrapping away.

Since you can’t really fit the entire skein of yarn through the frame and a long loose strand will get tangled, I recommend wrapping a long piece around a pen.

There are lots of ways to do the corners of the frame, but here’s how I did it.  I wrapped one side until I got close to the point of the corner (though my corner was rounded).  Then I switched to the other side of the corner and wrapped it in the other direction.

Alternate a couple more times as you finish going around the corner.  This will make the corner more even.  When you finish wrapping the frame it should look kind of like this:

I wanted to add a little something extra to my frame, so I sorted through my buttons to make a few little button flowers.

And you’re done!  Unfortunately, wrapping a frame in yarn pretty much prevents you from putting a picture in it, but the frame is pretty enough by itself!  I put mine up right above my craft table.

Is everyone excited that it’s fall?  I certainly am (even though we’re having a warm few days where I am) and you’ll be seeing more evidence of my love of cool weather and the beautiful fall atmosphere in the next couple months.  Be on the look out for pumpkins soon…



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