Day 66: Rag-Edge Baby Bib (Etsy Day!)


Supplies: Fabric (about 1/2 a yard I think- maybe less), matching thread, iron, sewing machine, scissors, pencil, buttons, any other decorative items you’d like to use

(I forgot a supplies picture!  Oh no!)

Time: 1 hour or so

It’s Etsy day again!  I know I originally planned to make something for the Etsy shop once a week, but since those projects typically take more time and/or money I decided to space them out a bit until I get some sales.  Hopefully I’ll get some sales so I can get some money headed toward the American Cancer Society.  Don’t forget that you can donate to the ACS by clicking the little donation button on the right and noting that you want your donation to go straight to the ACS!  I’ll send  a silicon bracelet (I should be getting them any day now!) and a few support ribbon pins (any color you’d like) to anyone who donates.

Anyway, on to crafting.  As I’ve mentioned, I like to make baby things.  I have a nice autumn-y fabric and I just read about rag edges on a bib, so I thought I’d make a bib for the shop.  I started by drawing a bib on the wrong side of the fabric.  Then I cut it out and traced it on the wrong side of another piece of the same fabric.

I drew half of the bib, folded the fabric in half, and then cut it out so it would be symmetrical.  That way you won’t have to worry about the two sides not lining up.

Before sewing the two bib pieces together I wanted to add a button to the neck strap so the knot would be on the inside.

It's gold with a flower on it!

If you use a fabric with a busy pattern or you just want to leave it plain you can skip the next step.  I wanted to make the bib a little extra special, so I sewed on a few more buttons and did a little embroidery to make a face!

It reminds me of a rabbit!

Then you’ll pin the two pieces of fabric together.  This is the unusual part: you’ll sew the pieces together with wrong sides facing instead of right sides like you’d normally do.

Then sew around the edge of the bib, leaving about 1/4” on the edge.

Next it’s time to add a button hole.  (You can use velcro if you don’t want to bother with a button.)  I’m not very good at button holes, so I’m not going to go into detail about how to do them.  You should probably trust your machine’s instruction book more than me on this one.  I’ll just tell you that you should be looking for something like this on your machine’s settings:

The green ones.

I had a little trouble with this one, but it’ll do.

Now you just need to rag the edges.  Yes, rag is now a verb.  In order to rag you’ll just snip the edges of the fabric into about 1/8”-1/4” strips (short strips).  These don’t have to be too even, just make sure you don’t cut through the seam!

I really like this method!  It makes the bib look really laid back and I think the ragging is perfect for this fabric!

It won't let me rotate this picture, so look at it sideways! Sorry!

So if you know a baby you should make a unique bib for it!  If you have a baby you probably don’t have a lot of extra time, so you can buy on from the blog’s Etsy shop!  I’ll have the picture up in the next couple days.  You can check out the items I have there now by clicking here.  I’ll let you know when the bib is for sale.

Thanks for reading,



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