Day 65: Inside-Out Notebook and Unusual Stamps


Supplies: Spiral notebook, ink or paint, potato and X-acto knife, button, hardware nut, any other items you think would make a cool stamp, markers or anything else you’d like to use for decorating

Time: 15-30 minutes to make, at least overnight to dry (actually, it could be less depending on what kind of ink or paint you use)

Did anyone make potato stamps as a kid?  I don’t remember if I did, but if I didn’t I made up for it today.  I have a couple potatoes in my fridge that aren’t on my menu for the week, so why not use them to make something pretty?  I wanted to play around with unconventional stamps today and the potato was a starting point.  I knew I wanted to stamp, but I what to embellish?  On my walk home from work I decided to stop by Walgreens and pick up an inexpensive spiral notebook to reverse and redecorate.  I ended up with the piece of teen angst pictured above.  The inside covers were plain white, so they were perfect for stamping.  I unwound the spiral and removed the front and back covers.

Then it was time to make a potato stamp.  I cut the potato in half and cut a little flower into it.  You’ll want to do a straight up and down cut about 1/4” deep all the way around the design.  It’s kind of like when you carve a pumpkin.  Then slice horizontally around the design and the edges will come off.

Then I put some ink on a piece of cardboard, spread it out, and started stamping.  I stamped with a button and a hardware nut in addition to the potato.  Play around with items you have sitting around the house.  You never know what will make an awesome and unique stamp!  When the ink was mostly dry (this ink takes its sweet time) I decorated a little more with Sharpies.

Then all you have to do is stack the pages and covers, line up the holes, and wind the spiral back into the book.

And voila!  Custom notebook!

Since this notebook is just for me to write grocery lists and notes to myself I didn’t mind using the backs of the angsty covers, but you can make it a little fancier too.  All you have to do is trace both covers on a piece of card stock or thin cardboard, making sure to mark where the spiral holes are.  Then cut out the new covers and decorate.  It would probably be easier to punch the holes with a tiny punch if you have one.

It just occurred to me that it would be really awesome to have your kids decorate their own school notebooks!  They’ll be the coolest kids in school 🙂




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