Day 64: Woven Washer Bracelets


Supplies: Ribbon, 4 smallish washers (I want to say they’re a little under an inch in diameter), some kind of craft glue (I used the multi-purpose cement I used earlier this week), clothes pins

Time: 10 minutes to assemble, several hours to dry

It’s the last day of Hardware Week!  It’s been fun to have a theme, but it must come to a close.  We finish the week with a bracelet made of delicate ribbon and hard metal washers.  It was a “make it up as you go along” kind of project, which means you can play around with it and make it your own.

This is going to be a tie-on bracelet, so cut a length of ribbon long enough to tie around your wrist comfortably.  Then begin threading washers onto the ribbon.  You can alternate which side of the washer the ribbon covers to make any pattern you like.

My pattern ended up looking a little bit like this:

After I made this pattern I realized it was too wide and I removed 2 washers

Then I started gluing the washers together.  Every time you glue two washers together you’ll want to clamp them together with a clothes pin.  Also glue and clamp the loose ribbon at the end of the washer chain.

After a few hours of drying (mine dried for about seven hours while I was at work and the grocery store) you’ll have a new bracelet, ready to wear!

with a nice little tie underneath

I’ll be back tomorrow with the regular mix of projects… until the next theme week (suggestions?).



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  1. That is super neat! I love it.

    And as a theme week…… Spiderman? Hahaha! Or perhaps just crafts that harken back to childhood fancies?

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