Day 63: Spring Teardrop Pendant


Supplies: A small spring (I dropped the ball on this one- should have written down the specifics), 2 jump rings, chain or cord to put in on, pliers or tough fingers

Time: 10 minutes

Today’s project might be one of the easiest I’ve done so far!  It was originally going to be a ring made from a spring that I was going to call a (sp)ring, but then I realized that would pinch like crazy.  Instead I turned it into a pendant necklace with a similar idea.

I didn’t write down the specifics of the spring, but it’s about and inch and a half long.  You can pick a longer or shorter one if you want a larger or smaller pendant.  You want the spring to have pretty small coils because larger ones don’t bend as well.

So you’ll start by bending the spring in half to make a teardrop shape.  Then attach the rings on either end of the spring with a jump ring.

At this point if you put the pendant on a chain it would hang sideways, so you’ll want to add a second jump ring to the top of the first.

Then you either string the second jump ring on a chain/cord or attach the jump ring to a larger chain link (that’s what I did since I didn’t have a smaller chain).  That’s it!  Only four pictures today… That feels weird.  But that’s the project.  It’s quick, simple, and actually quite nice looking!

You could add some kind of string to it or use a colorful cord to give it an extra pop.  Make it your own.




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