Day 62: Crocheted Wrapping Twine Jewelry- Giveaway!


Supplies: Wrapping twine, water, salt, stove top, dye (any color), saucepan, small crochet hook (mine was 2.25mm), earring hooks, jump rings

Supplies for dying twine

Undyed twine (zombie twine?)

Dyed twine and other jewelry making tools

Time: 15 minutes to dye, overnight to dry, 30 minutes to make the pieces

If anyone out there wants to teach me the intricacies of crochet, I would welcome it graciously.  I get the concept behind it, but I just don’t know how to crochet.  I guess knowing how to knit makes me lazy when it comes to learning to crochet.  Today I thought I’d try to make so crochet jewelry using the simple chain stitch I know how to do.  Well, it worked and it’s quite easy!  As you may recall, it’s Hardware Week!  That means today’s crochet material is not ordinary yarn, but wrapping twine from the hardware store (think brown paper packages tied up with string).  The twine is a little boring, so I dyed it.  I mixed up the dye, water, and salt (for more vibrant color) and added the twine.

Once it was submerged I let the bubbling dye and twine mixture cook away for about ten or fifteen minutes.

When I took it out it was a gorgeous color!

Strange pasta!

I rinsed the twine in the bowl of water you can see in the bottom left of the above picture and set it on my cutting board to dry (the cutting board is red already).  The twine dried pretty quickly.  I left it out while I was at work last night and it was dry in under 7 hours.

Today was quite busy, so it was nice to be able to crochet my new jewelry in the company of my parents and my brother during our viewing of Project Runway.  I love my family!  I was going to do a picture tutorial for crocheting a chain, but it was unclear.  Instead, here’s a nice tutorial from Lion Brand Yarn.  There’s even a video!

I made three equal chains that fit around my wrist.

I left long tails on both sides of each chain for tying.  I tied the three strands on one side in a simple knot to hold them together.  On the other end of the chains I tied a loop that would serve as a clasp for the bracelet (using all three strands at once).  That’s it for the bracelet!

Top of a lovely three-strand crocheted bracelet!

Tied bottom of the bracelet complete with cat scratch scars.

Then I decided to make some matching earrings since I had the supplies with me.  I made six chains of only three stitches each with long tails on each end.  Then I tied the three tails into knots on both sides.  For the dangly part of the earring I cut the three ends on one side, leaving about an inch hanging.  On the other side I tied a jump ring (attached to an earring hook) onto the twine tails and cut the ends.

I apologize if none of this makes sense.  I am super tired!  Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to make these yourself!  Leave a comment on today’s post and you might win the bracelet and the earrings!  If you do want to make your own and something’s unclear you can pretty much just make up your own method using trial and error.  That’s what I did and it’s satisfying to see the end result.  Never be afraid to completely make it up as you go along.  Even if it doesn’t work, it’ll get better every time you try.

So don’t forget to comment if you want these!  Also, I realize I forgot to announce the winner of the earrings from the last giveaway.  The lucky winner is Valerie!  They’re in the mail Valerie (if they haven’t arrived yet, it shouldn’t be long).

Thanks for reading!





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    • Hi Jasmine,
      The twine is called wrapping twine and it is cotton. You can get it at the hardware store. I’m sure you could use any kind of cotton string though! As for the dye, I usually just wing it. If I had to guess I’d say it was probably 3-4 cups of water, maybe 1/4 cup of dye, and 1 tablespoon of salt. The instructions on the dye don’t really cover tiny batches like the string. My rule of thumb when pouring dye in the water is more is better. Not too exact, but does that help?

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