Day 60: Hose Clamp Bracelet


Supplies: Hose clamp, 1/4” ribbon of any color, some kind of good adhesive (I used something called only ‘multi-purpose cement’, but the original tutorial calls for E6000), scissors

Time: 15 minutes

Today’s project is the inspiration for Hardware Week!  I saw the idea for a hose clamp bracelet a few weeks ago and I knew I had to make one.  The only reason I went to the hardware store was to get a couple hose clamps!  It’s a very simple project and it’s quite lovely.

Start by slipping the clamp on your wrist.  Tighten it as much as you’d like by turning the little thing.  You know, the little turny thing?  No?  You’ll see it.

Mark the end of the slitted part on the non-slitted part underneath.  You can mark it with a marker, but there just happened to be a ‘3’ engraved right at that point, so no marking involved.  You’ll want to do this so you know where to cut the ribbon.  Do the same on the other side of the turney thing or your ribbon will get stuck when you tighten the bracelet.  I hope that makes sense…

Then thread a piece of ribbon about 10” long down and up through the first two slits.

Keep weaving however you want to.  You can pick your own pattern.   Make it pretty!

When you finish weaving, glue the ends down with some kind of heavy duty glue.  You’re basically gluing a smooth surface to a smooth surface, so hot glue isn’t going to cut it this time.  On the side with the slits, end with the ribbon on the inside and glue a short length of ribbon to the inside of the bracelet.  Again, I hope this is making sense.  It’s hard to explain, but I think it’ll make sense when you’re making the bracelet.

Here’s the other side.

Put on the bracelet, tighten it up, and there’s your fancy-looking and super cheap bracelet (under $3)!

I love this idea so much.  Talk about looking at everyday things in different ways!  Take a lesson from the person who thought of this and try to find beauty and possibility in everything around you.



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