Day 58: Wing Nut Earrings


Supplies: 2 large round beads, 2 wing nuts, 2 regular nuts, 2 head pins, 2 earring hooks, pliers, wire cutters

Time: 10-15 minutes

Welcome to the first day of my first theme week!  It’s hardware week, which means everything made this week will involve a supply that can be found at the hardware store.  I spent about an hour at Westlake’s today and I’m pretty excited about some of the things I have lined up for the week.  Be prepared for a lot of jewelry!

Today’s earrings are not made for crazy people.  They’re wing nut earrings because the visual interest is created by wing nuts!  Since the hole in a wing nut is a lot bigger than a head pin I needed to find something to put at the bottom of the earring to hold everything on.  I had a couple round beads that stayed on the head pins, but also kept the wing nut on the earring.

After placing the bead onto the head pin (by the way, head pins are like long, malleable straight pins without points) I put a wing nut on upside down.

Then I added a regular nut to the top of the earring.

Then I slipped an earring hook onto the head pin, wrapped the pin around the hook with pliers, and snipped the end with wire cutters.

When I planned these earrings I didn’t think about the fact that the nut on top also has a large hole that will wobble around a head pin.  Tomorrow I’m going to stop by Cool Stuff and buy a couple more beads to put on top.  I might even nix the top nut.  We shall see…

Tune in tomorrow for a bracelet I’ve had in my mind for almost a year!



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