Day 57: Knit Halloween Owl


Supplies: Black Yarn, four size 8 double pointed knitting needles, this pattern, tapestry needle, scissors, white felt, gold felt, two smallish black buttons, hot glue


Time: About 2 hours

It’s knitting season again!  That lovely time of year when it gets chilly and knitting becomes even more fun than usual because the scarves, gloves, and sweaters you make can get instant use.  Last year at this time I was busy becoming obsessed with felt embroidery, so I completely missed knitting season.  This year I thought I’d kick off the season with this cute little knit owl that was just posted on Craftgawker. 

While I was able to successfully teach my mom to knit a couple months ago, I can absolutely not teach anyone through words and pictures.  If you don’t know how to knit, you should find a friend who can, offer them cookies in exchange for lessons, and have a lovely knitting evening together.  I don’t know about your friends, but I would teach knitting for cookies any day.  If you do knit, here’s a link to the pattern I used. 

So following the pattern I made a nice little black ball for the owl body.


Then I made and added the ears and wings according to the pattern.


Next came the eyes.  I traced the lid of a pill bottle (probably about an inch in diameter) twice on a piece of white felt and cut out the circles.


I glued a couple black buttons to the white circles and hot glued the eyes to the owl’s face.


Then I cut out a little beak from gold felt…


and glued it on the owl kind of between the eyes.  That’s that!  Once the knitting is done it’s a pretty quick process from blob to owl!  It’s so darn cute!  I think I’m going to put it in my front window.


Good luck with all your knitting endeavors this season!



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