Day 56: Paper Cut Leaves


Supplies: Any leaf, a picture that will fit within that leaf, X-acto knife, scissors, tracing paper and pencil 0r drawings skills (which I don’t possess).


I was going to use a balloon, but then I didn't.

Time: 10 minutes or more depending on the intricacy of your design

While browsing my favorite craft site, Craftgawker recently I saw a silhouette cut from a leaf and I wanted to make one myself. While I certainly don’t have the drawing skill that the leaf artist has, I can trace! I thought it would be cool to cut a maple leaf from the middle of a non-maple leaf (does anyone know what kind this is?). I traced a picture of a maple leaf, cut it out, and taped it to the real leaf. Make sure the tape is on there pretty lightly or it’ll stick and tear the leaf.


Then I cut out the maple leaf. I just cut around the paper and through the tape, but you could also put the template upside-down on the back of the leaf and trace it with a marker. I’d recommend a light green sharpie. Then cut out the shape with an X-acto knife.


Carefully take the cut pieces of leaf apart. If anything didn’t get cut completely the leaf will probably tear.


I might press this in a book first, but I’m going to put the leaf within a leaf on a nice clean canvas to really make it pop. Easy and cool looking!


Keep celebrating the new season!



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