Day 55: Dangly Button Earrings


Supplies: Buttons, string, earring hooks

Seriously, keep your pill bottles for craft storage!

Time: 20 minutes

For the first time in the almost two months I’ve been doing this I didn’t get my crafting and blogging done by midnight. I have a good excuse, I promise! I was having a social life! I had a lovely evening with my friends seeing a play my friend Megan costumed designed, watching Modern Family, and eating cookies. I don’t do that too much, so you’ll have to forgive me, please!

Anyway, today’s late night craft is another pair of earrings.  I warned you, I’m on an earring kick! A couple years ago during green week at school there was a “green jewelry” table (it’s a women’s college). I made a lovely pair of earrings with buttons and string. I loved them, but it didn’t take me long to lose one (tragically). I just found a big bag of buttons in the trunk of yarn my brother gave me, so I thought I’d make a new pair.

The remaining original

I started by picking a pair of matching buttons. I used four-hole sew-through buttons and this tutorial explains how to make earrings using those buttons.  If you want to use two-hole buttons you’ll only need to make a couple changes.  I’ll go over those at the end of the post.

Then pick a string (I used my trusty embroidery floss) and cut two strands, about a foot long each.  You don’t have to be exact on that measurement.  Just make sure you have enough!

Pull one piece of string through two diagonally opposite button holes.

Then do the same with the other string and the other two holes.

Even up the ends of the strings.  Then tie the two ends of one strand together like you’re tying your shoe.  Loop one strand under the other and pull tight.  Is there a name for that?  I guess it’s half of a square knot…  Then do that with the two ends of the other strand.

Continue to tie the strings in this way, alternating each time.  Tie the right and left strands together, then the top and bottom, then the right and left again.  I taped my button to the table to make the knotting easier.  Much much easier.

Keep tying until you have about an inch of knotting.  The length is really up to you, but I find an inch to be nice.

Then bundle the four strands into two double strands.  It doesn’t matter which strands are together.  Tie those two larger strands together (the half square knot again) to secure the knot work.

When that knot is pulled tight it’s time for the earring hook.  Thread the loop part of the hook onto one of the two-strand bundles and tie the two sides in a square knot  around the hook.

Make sure the knot is tight and then snip the ends.  Leave a little length so the knot doesn’t come undone.  These are pretty casual looking earrings, so loose ends work.

If you’d like to make these earrings with a two-hole button it’s even simpler!  Just use one piece of string, lace it through the button holes and tie the knots with the two strands you have.  You can do this with a four-hole button if you’d like the earrings to be a little more dangly.  When you use two pieces of string (at least when you use embroidery floss) the knotting will be a little stiffer.  As soon as I get to one of the local flea markets to button shop I’m going to make some awesome button earrings and they’ll be on Etsy (I’ve been neglecting the shop a bit- sorry!).  I’ll keep you updated!

I hope this week has helped to convince everyone that you can make your own really cool earrings!  There’s no need to shell out the big bucks for fancy earrings at the department store.  Buy handmade or make your own jewelry.  It’s always fun to get a compliment on jewelry and be able to say that you made it.

I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully with a cute knitting project…



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