Day 54: Yarn-Wrapped Fall Ornaments


Supplies: Styrofoam balls (mine were 2.5”, but you can use any size), hot glue, yarn, hook

Time: 1-1.5 hours (or more depending on the size of the ornament)

It’s here.  In only 10 short minutes (I’m blogging late today) it will be the first day of fall!  After a ridiculously hot summer, we ended the season with a couple weeks of surprisingly nice weather, but in Missouri it’s hard to trust that the weather won’t suddenly change.  Although we could easily get a few more unpleasantly hot days once it’s officially fall, the equinox gives me hope.  Perhaps my beloved 60-70° sweater wearing days are here to stay (until winter, that is).  As a plea to the ridiculous Missouri weather I decided to make the first of several upcoming fall decorations today.  So get ready for fall yarn ornaments.

Last night I sorted through the trunk of yarn my brother gave me a couple months ago and found lots of nice fall colors.  I chose a brown, a cream, some stripey thing, and a lovely gold color.  I was particularly excited about this project because it uses styrofoam balls!  I’m pretty sure I haven’t used those since I made a solar system in sixth grade (as I recall it was quite stressful).

The styrofoam balls I bought each have a little hole in the top.  That proved helpful.  I filled the hole halfway with hot glue and poked the end of the striped yarn in the glue.  Then I added a little more glue on top to hold the yarn in place.

Make a small circle of glue around the spot where the yarn is attached and start spiraling the yarn around on the glue.  Try to spread the glue as thinly as possible so it doesn’t ooze out and make a mess.

The rest of the process is pretty self-explanatory.  Keep gluing and wrapping and gluing and wrapping.  Keep the glue lines close to the previous round (you don’t want styrofoam peeking through) and try to keep it as neat as possible.


and wrapping...

I thought that stage of wrapping looked like a snowman wearing a hat, so I drew a face with Sharpies.

It's so cute I almost didn't want to cover it up!

Almost done!

When you get to the point where you only have a tiny bit of foam showing…

Done wrapping!

it’s time to add a hook.  I recently bought a picture hanging kit with lots of picture hangers, nails, and various other hardware.  There were some little hook-and-eye latch eyes in the kit, so I poked that into the foam.

Wrap the yarn around once or twice more until you reach the edges of the hook.  Then cut the end and glue it down.  That’s it!  Your ornament can be ready to hang…

I plan to make three more of these, but I found that 1) they take some time to make, and 2) squirting hot glue for over an hour hurts your finger!  I have a nice little indentation in my pointer finger that I’ll leave to recover until tomorrow.  I’ll update you with a picture of the other ornaments on display when they’re finished.

A few tips for making these:

-Wrap clockwise if you’re left-handed and counter-clockwise if you’re right-handed

-Hold the glue gun with the point directly against the foam and it’ll spread out naturally

-Do this while watching a movie or listening to something.  It’s really relaxing if you have something to keep your mind occupied!

So who else is ready for fall?  I hope I helped any summer lovers out there get in the spirit.  I can’t wait to do something with pumpkins!

Happy first day of fall (tomorrow)!




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