Day 53: Paper Pendant Earrings


Supplies: Pretty paper (I used scrapbooking paper), something round, scissors, large needle or small scissors (used to punch holes), mod podge (I used the glossy kind, but it doesn’t really matter), something flat and heavy, jump rings, earring hardware (or a chain if you want to make a necklace)

Time: 20 minutes, one day to dry, overnight to press

If you’re male and you’re reading this I must apologize because I’m on an earring kick this week!  (That message applies to anyone without pierced ears, by the way.)  Today’s pair was actually started on Monday night, so if this were a recipe it would say prepare two days before serving.  A very successful trip to Hobby Lobby resulted in some beautiful scrapbook paper and the supplies for all kinds of earrings!  One of the papers I bought has lots of trees, deer, owls and various woodland creatures.  I picked a couple cute creatures and traced an empty prescription bottle around them.  You can decide how big you want your earrings to be and trace something accordingly.  If fact, you don’t even have to make them round!

It's almost fall! So... close...

I cut out the little earring circles as well as a couple bigger ones I plan to make into pendant necklaces eventually.  I cut out little circles with tiny manicure scissors in the larger circles and poked little holes in the small ones with a push pin.  Make sure the holes are near the edge of the circle!

I should mention that the tutorial I saw used a large circle punch used for scrapbooking.  Scissors worked for me though.  So, next you’ll brush each circle with a little mod podge using a foam brush.  The paper I used was regular paper weight, so I wanted to get a little glue on to stiffen it up before the next step.  If you use card stock weight paper you can probably skip this step.  No promises though!

When the first layer is dry you’re going to pour a small pool of Mod Podge in the middle of each pendant.  Then pick up the circle (that’s why it needs to be a little sturdier than regular paper) and tilt around until there’s a nice thick coating over the whole thing.  You shouldn’t be able to see the paper anymore.

Let the circles dry for a day before messing with them.  When they’re dry they’ll probably be a little bit curled on the edges.  When they’re dry and only when they’re completely dry you’ll want to stack a few books on top of the circles overnight.  In case there’s a little tackiness left, make sure the surface of the heavy object is slick.  A paper surface might stick and peel and ruin your book and your pendants!

I used a tuner and a kitty litter thing.

Press the pendants overnight at least.  When you get them out you’ll have some nice shiny pendants!

They look the same in this picture, but they're shiny and sturdy now.

Now it’s time to make them into jewelry.  I had to poke through a thin layer of dry Mod Podge covering the holes.  Then I grabbed four jump rings (the little metal rings with ends you can pull apart), opened one, and looped it through the hole.  Then I put another jump ring on to make a two-link chain.

I then opened the top jump ring and attached an earring hook.  Make sure it’s facing the right direction.  If you put it on the wrong way the blank side of the paper will face front.

This one is backwards.

Close the jump rings and your earrings are done!

Here’s one earring on.  I’m such a model these days!

Now I can wear a lovely owl and a prancing deer on these upcoming fall days.  Is anyone else excited?  It was a long, hot summer (way too hot!) and I can’t wait for sweaters and tights!




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  1. These are so awesome. I really want to try to make some. This may seem like a stupid question, but what is Mod Podge? I have never heard of it before.

  2. I did, and appreciated it a lot! Your deer and your owl, however, are both much cuter than me wrapped in a red sheet.

    I will have to look for this magic glue…

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