Update: Donate Button


Hello lovely readers!  I just wanted to let everyone know about the latest addition to the blog.  Tonight I went shopping for craft supplies for the next week or so.  I got some new things I’m really excited to use and I really think new projects like these will make the blog more interesting for you.  I’m learning a lot of new techniques, but unfortunately their supplies cost money.  Since I am a recent college graduate trying to save money, pay the rent, and eat properly, I may need some help.  If you enjoy my blog and you can afford it, I would greatly appreciate your donations.  Any amount will help me out.

When you click the “donate” button (on the right of the page) you’ll have the chance to send me a message.  If you’d prefer to donate directly to the American Cancer Society you can note that with your donation and that’s where your money will go.  I’m a devoted NPR listener, so I’d also like to offer some incentives.  No tote bags at the moment, but I’ll work on it 🙂

I have not yet decided what to give as incentives.  I’d definitely like to give donors silicon awareness bracelets as well as small craft items.  What would you like to get for your donation?

Thank you so much for all your support!  I’ve really enjoyed these first (almost) two months of blogging and I look forward to sharing the next ten with you.

Thanks for everything,


Me, Ryan, and Matt hanging in the halls of Barnes Jewish.


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