Day 51: Snake Book


Supplies: Square paper, tape (double stick is best)

Time: 20 minutes or so

Today’s project is a pretty simple origami book.  I just made a trip to Hobby Lobby, so I have some fun projects in store for the next couple weeks, but for today we’re going with something easy.  You can pick any even number of square pieces of paper for this “snake” or “garland” book.  I used eight.

Grab one piece of paper and fold it in half.

Open it up and fold it in the other direction.

Then fold the paper in half triangularly.  You should make this fold in the opposite direction of the other two.  The opposite side of the above paper is black.  The first two folds put the white sides together, but the third fold should put the black sides together.  Hope that made some kind of sense…

Fold that last fold in on itself like this:

Now you’re done with one page.  Fold the rest of you pages the same way.

Each page will have an open point and a closed point.  Take your first two pages and face the open ends toward each other.

You’ll be attaching the inside the top flap of one square with the inside of the bottom flap of the other.

Secure it in place with some double sided tape, regular tape looped over, or even glue.  When your book is all folded up it should be a nice little square like this:

When you open it up it’ll look like this:

When I first saw the tutorial for this project I was really excited about it.  Now that I’ve made it I’m not really sure what to do with it.  I’m thinking a version of this book with four or five pages could make an interesting greeting card.  It’s fun to make and unusual cards are always fun!

Also, a quick update on that bracelet I was going to give away.  All but three of my chains are missing!  They seem to have fallen out of my bag.  If I find them I’ll do the giveaway, but for now that bracelet is gone 😦

Back tomorrow with some cool new projects!



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