Day 50: Raised Surface Paintings


Supplies: Blank canvas, hot glue, pencil, spray paint


Time: 15-30 minutes plus a couple hours to dry

It’s day 50 and I finally made a project I’ve had my eye on since the first week. If you’ve been reading for awhile you’ll know that I love hot glue. Love it! This project is great because it’s essentially a way to paint with hot glue.

You start with a blank canvas (an actual blank canvas). With a pencil, draw anything you want on the canvas. I decided to use a quote from a Regina Spektor song.


Then you’ll use a hot glue gun to draw glue lines over your pencil lines. Today I was hanging out with my parents, so I ended up using my dad’s hot glue gun. Mine is a mini glue gun and it was weird to see a regular glue gun again. It’s huge! The small one would probably be better for this, but the big one worked.


When your hot glue design is finished and dry pick a spray paint color. You’re going to spray over the whole canvas so pick a nice color!


It won't let me rotate it 😦

Spray all over the canvas (don’t forget the sides!). You’ll be left with a canvas that’s all one color, but the raised glue will make a unique design!


Wordpress is being weird today. Pretend that's not upside down.

I painted my canvas blue! You know, to match the quote. When your canvas is dry, put it on the wall and enjoy your custom artwork!

Happy Sunday,



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