Day 49: Miniature Pie Magnets


Supplies: Bottle caps, pie crust colored felt, hot glue, tiny colored beads, scissors, magnets

Time: 10-15 minutes per pie

Today I had a nice plan for my craft.  I knew exactly what I was going to make and I was sure it would work.  But while browsing Craftgawker this morning I happened upon this project (the actual link isn’t active anymore, but it’s the last one on this page) and couldn’t wait to do it.  I love miniatures.  So very very much.  Why I never begged for a doll house as a kid is beyond me.  I wouldn’t have needed the dolls, just the small stuff.  So I set off to rummage through my bead collection and make miniature pies!

I started by tracing around the bottle caps on pie crust colored felt.  The circles should be a little bit larger than the bottle caps.

Then I cut out the circles, getting as much of the pen marking off as possible.

That's my hair sticking in on the left. I was holding the phone with my chin.

I put a little glue on the inside of a bottle cap…

and put a felt crust inside.  You can add a little glue on the edges if you want (I did on the first two), but I found that it’s not actually necessary.  If you have any felt sticking over the edges, trim it off.

My bead selection does not include a lot of beads that are the right size for mini pies, so I was limited to blueberry and lemon.  After digging through all my mixed up beads for at least 15 minutes I was finally able to get enough yellow beads.  I didn’t have enough blue, so I used a little blue glitter in addition to the few beads I had.  You can glue these in place or even use some mod podge or probably clear-drying glue.  I think hot glue is probably not even the best choice for mini pie making.  Perhaps I’m overly devoted to hot glue!  Oh no!  Anyway, stick the beads into the crust however you want.

The blue one has mod podge in it.

Since I cut three felt crusts, but only had two filling colors I decided to make a craft pie.  It has lots of beads and a googly eye in it!

Then I added a pretty lattice crust to the blueberry pie and a pom pom meringue for the lemon pie.


I don’t actually have magnets right now, so for now they’re just miniature pies.  Next time I go to Michael’s though, they’ll turn into pie magnets!  What a brilliant idea.

As I was posting that last picture Daphne stood up and I saw that she had been sleeping on a piece of paper with mod podge on it!  I just had to pull a partially dried piece of paper off of her side and wipe her little fur.  Don’t worry- she’s over it already.  Anyway, happy pie making!



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