Day 48: Paper Bead Earrings- Giveaway!!!


Supplies: Old magazine, 2 earring hooks, 2 headpins, X-acto knife (or scissors and a steady hand), glue or mod podge, paint brush, pliers, wire cutters, thin knitting needle (or something similar)

Time: 30 minutes (maybe less!)

Time for a giveaway!  Yesterday I stopped by my friendly neighborhood Cool Stuff bead section and bought some beautiful beads and some earring hardware.  I’ve been wanting to make paper beads and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do it.  I picked a nicely colored page from an old magazine from my mom and cut out two thin strips.

Then I cut the rectangular strips into long triangles.

I painted the colored side of one paper strip with mod podge.  Then I got a small knitting needle and wrapped the paper around it starting with the wider end.

When the beads dry you should be able to wiggle them off of the needle.

Then I moved on to the other beads.  Since they have small holes I put those on the headpins first.

Then I put my paper beads on top.

I put the hooks onto the headpins and twisted the end of the pin around with pliers.

I trimmed the end with wire cutters and the earrings were done!

So if you like these earrings leave a comment and I’ll do a giveaway next Friday!  I’ll also be giving away a modified version of yesterday’s bracelet.  Stop back and leave a comment of tomorrow’s post if you’d like the bracelet.  Yay giveaways!







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